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Working together to advance the Suicide Prevention Strategy in East Central Alberta

As its name suggests, the mandate of the Regional Suicide Prevention Council is to address the issue of suicide in East Central Alberta.  Made up of representatives from various human service organizations, members are dedicated to reaching out to all communities in the area – big or small. The primary role is public awareness and promotion. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in suicide prevention.

This council does not provide counselling or crisis intervention services, but a list of referrals for those who need help is available on the Community Resources​ page.  ​


The need for this council is evidenced by the fact that suicide is consistently the leading cause of injury deaths in Alberta (Injury Prevention Centre, 2015). Despite the staggering number of suicide deaths, stigma and silence still surrounds the issue.  Many individuals do not seek help for their suicidal thoughts and behaviors due to embarrassment, shame, fear, stigma and/or blame. The Regional Suicide Prevention Council seeks to reduce stigma and lift the silence, so that individuals feel more comfortable coming forward and getting the help that they need during difficult times in their lives. 



Council members meet 4 times per year to organize public awareness and education initiatives in East Central Alberta.  These initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • ​campaigns to raise awareness of suicide ​

  • ​promotion of support services for those who need help

  • ​​campaigns to reduce the stigma associated with suicide prevention services

  • promotion of training programs to teach people how to support those who are having thoughts of suicide

  • ​provide promotion and media coverage to develop broad-based support for suicide prevention

​Other key responsibilities are to:

  • Facilitate collaboration among individuals and organizations in an effort to prevent suicide

  • Provide a forum to share information, resources, best and promising practices

  • Encourage community conversations that assist in reducing the stigma around suicide

  • Promote access to services and resources through increased community awareness

  • ​​Support current actions of those who are working to prevent suicide


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